Your Pathway to Healthy Living

Welcome to the Healthy living kiosk. Our goal is to provide you, the people we care about, a place to learn about some of today’s most common medical conditions. The features of the website are designed to make learning about these issues simple, quick, and easy.

As you wonder whether or not you have a certain condition, or simply are curious about a medical disease, you can use our disease tutorials to help educate yourself about a topic. At the start, you’ll be introduced to someone with the condition and follow them as they try to figure out what is ailing them. You’ll then be given an overview of the condition – what is it? what is it caused by? who is at risk? what prevention and treatment methods are available? The tutorial is designed to give a brief and clear introduction into an issue that may be troubling you or someone you care about.

We hope to address your concerns and answer your questions about a number of topics – including obesity, heart disease, stroke, and cancer. Also, take advantage of our guides on how to exercise and strategies for a healthy diet. Feel free to utilize all of the benefits of this website and take the first steps towards healthier living.

Health & Faith

The Healthy Living Kiosk offers a dynamic, interactive tool in community partnership for health. Whether the community includes business employees, a religious congregation or a school district of teachers and students, the Healthy Living Kiosk is designed to make individuals and the community healthier.

In addition to the purchaser’s ability to customize photos, videos and community events, the kiosk allows for further customization by presenting both a faith-based and a secular version of the kiosk. Every kiosk has the ability to display both of these versions. An administrator may select the faith-based or the secular option upon startup.

The faith-based kiosk is a result of years of partnership with the health ministry leaders of the Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church in Hamtramck, and New St. Paul Baptist Church and Second Ebenezer Church in Detroit. The relationship between faith and well-being is examined throughout the faith-based version. The introductory material centers on the power of prayer and the need for both spiritual and healthy living.

The secular option presents material introduced by a prominent doctor. While every community is unique, many health issues are shared among all. The secular version shares the same heath topics with the faith-based version, but presents information in such a way as to address a broader spectrum of audiences. The importance of preventive medicine is prominent in both versions.